Years Of Deflation Would Mean Retailers Would Have To Pass These Import Costs On To Consumers, It Said.

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Shopping The trade body warned reverting to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules could see tariffs on clothes of up to 16% and on meat of up to 27%. "Years of deflation" would mean retailers would have to pass these import costs on to consumers, it said. It follows a similar warning from the CBI last week. Other items singled out by the BRC include Chilean wine, where the BRC says tariffs would rise by 14%. The BRC points out that as well as higher prices, some products, such as New Zealand lamb, are subject to EU import quotas, so could become cheaper outside the EU. But it stresses that ตรง น้อง ใหม่ ติด เทรน ด์ วัยรุ่น overall prices would rise and shopkeepers would struggle to absorb those higher prices. Foreign workers The fall in the value of the pound since the referendum, a trend that accelerated last week to leave the pound at its lowest against ธุรกิจขายตรง คืออะรัย the dollar for 31 years and at five-year lows against the euro, already means any goods brought in from outside the UK will cost more. The BRC argues that prices have been squeezed so low that profit margins are too small to be eroded further. The BRC says reverting to WTO rules would result in the following cost increases: The average duty on meat imports could be as high as 27% Clothing and footwear would attract tariffs of 11-16% versus the current zero-rating for all EU imports The import cost of women's clothing from Bangladesh would be 12% higher Chilean wine would be 14% dearer for importers However, many raw materials and semi-finished products would be zero-rated or attract rates of duty of below 10% BRC chairman Richard Baker said: "The retail industry is the UK's biggest importer and has huge experience of importing from every corner of the world. We will be engaged in a constructive dialogue with government that will bring our experience to bear on the Brexit talks to the benefit of everyone in the UK." The BRC and the CBI both warn of the unsettling effects of Brexit on foreign workers in the UK. The BRC said it would be campaigning with other industry groups for an early end to the uncertainty facing EU workers.

Legitimate workers will not ask for your Social Security Number or bank account number. If you do apply for FEMA assistance, you will need to provide some personal information, but until then be wary of requests for it. When in doubt, get in touch with FEMA, your power company, or your insurance company at a phone number or website you know to be valid. For FEMA, contact local emergency management or other government officials or contact FEMA directly 1-800-621-FEMA For your power company or insurance company, use the phone number or website listed on a recent account statement or your insurance, if available, or search for the company's real website. Avoid home and auto repair scams that follow storms: If the storm damages your property, contact your insurance company first. Some insurance companies require an adjuster's approval before work can be done. Take pictures and videos of the damage, if possible. Cover holes in your roof or walls with a tarp to prevent additional damage if you can do so safely. Don't pay for work up front.

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of coaching' Mike McCarthy's path to becoming an NFL head coach began in Kansas City as a quality control coach. AP Photo/Paul Sancya Covered the Packers since 1996 On-air host at ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison Two-time Wisconsin Sportswriter of the Year as selected by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association comment GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Mike Holmgren had his man. What he did not have was a job title for him. It was 1990, and Holmgren was the offensive coordinator for the two-time defending Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers . He wanted someone who could take Bill Walsh's playbook for the West Coast offense and computerize it. One of the 49ers' longtime scouts had a 27-year-old son working as an assistant coach at the University of the Pacific following an undistinguished career as a backup quarterback at the University of Dayton, and Holmgren set up an interview. Holmgren liked the kid immediately, so he hired him. "Mike Holmgren didn't even know what to call me," Jon Gruden recalled last week. "But [49ers defensive backs coach] Ray Rhodes called me 'the Piss Boy.' You know, like in that Mel Brooks movie, 'History of the World, Part I?' "I kind of like 'quality control coach' better." Perhaps, but Rhodes' uncouth moniker might be a better description for the entry-level job that launched Gruden's NFL coaching career, and the coaching careers of so many others, including Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo, whose teams will face off Sunday night at Lambeau Field. "If ever there's a Hall of Fame for quality control coaches, I think Mike McCarthy and I would make it on the first ballot," said Gruden, now the color analyst for ESPN's Monday Night Football after 11 seasons as an NFL head coach. "Is there one yet?

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