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Referring to Russia, Sir Michael wrote: "This latest war crime happened on their watch. "In the past few years, they have had every opportunity to pull levers and stop this civil war. Russia must show the resolve necessary to bring this regime to heel." The defence secretary said Syria needed a government in which Mr Assad played no part. He acknowledged achieving that was "not easy, but not impossible". "By sending Tomahawk missiles to attack the airfield, aeroplanes and equipment believed to be involved, it has sent a strong signal to the Syrian regime to think twice before using gas in future," said Sir Michael. "Justified and appropriate though US action was, it was also necessarily limited. We now need a long-term solution to this conflict." Sir Michael said Mr Assad must depart and the search for stability begin. "Someone who uses barrel bombs and chemicals to kill his own people simply cannot be the future leader of Syria," he stated. 'Absurd' decision Mr Johnson, who called off a trip to Moscow on Monday, is attempting to co-ordinate a กระเป๋า axixi united response from the G7 group of industrialised nations, whose foreign ministers meet in Italy this week. The Russian foreign ministry said Mr Johnson's decision not to visit Russia was "absurd".

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