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The latest change to Search could change that. In image searches for fashion-related products, Google will now be offering style ideas in both the Google Android app and on mobile browsers. For example, if you search for a Zara bag on Google Images, Google will show a number of images of that product, then it will show a gallery ofinspirational lifestyle images and outfits showcasing people using the bag. According to Google, the point here is to allow people to see how the items look in the real world, so they can envion how they might use the items before they buy them. Of course, the feature isnt just good for users Google is in the business of selling ads, กระเป๋าสตางค์ผู้ชาย and alongside those fashion tips, Google will also present similar items that people can buy. That means whether youre researching shorts and sneakers or checking out sunglasses and handbags, youll be able to find product offerings that may suit your tastes, said Google in a blog post . Uncovering a bargain option without sacrificing style is now accessible right from Image Search. The feature itself looks very similar to what Pinterest offers largely because of its grid-like format, and the fact that it offers fashion recommendations based on what you search. In fact, Pinterest currently offers a very similar tool, in the form of a Chrome extension that allows users to select an item, then seesimilar items based on Pinterests image-recognition functions. For now, the feature will only be available on mobile but we may see it roll out to desktop at some point. For iPhone users, the feature will be available in Safari or Chrome, while Android users will get it in the Google and Chrome apps.

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Ramasamy said Hishammuddins appointment spoke volumes about Prime Minister Najib Razaks political chess move to ensure his interests were protected after his likely exit from politics. Najib announced the additional post for Hishammuddin yesterday, making the latter the tenth minister in the prime ministers department. Najib, Ramasamy claimed, was looking for an honourable exit in case he was implicated in any issue midway. Saying Hishammuddins new position signified Najibs lack of confidence in Zahid Hamidis possible ascension to the post of prime minister, Ramasamy added it was also indicative of souring relations between Najib and Zahid. I think we are seeing telltale signs that there is a crisis in Umno. And Hishammuddins appointment is a clear sign Najib and Zahid are not getting along. Zahid might not have known about this, although he had said he supported the move, said Ramasamy. Ramasamy said Hishammuddins appointment was a strategic one. Remember, Hishammuddin is no ordinary person. He is Najibs relative. Hishammuddin and Najib are cousins. I think the heat is too much for Najib to remain in office, especially after the 1MDB scandal and other things that have not gone well with the government and the country.

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A bandaged hands with lots of digital graphics The bandages would use real-time 5G technology to monitor what treatment is needed and also keep track of a patient's activity levels. The work is being led by Swansea University's Institute of Life Science. It forms part of the 1.3bn Swansea Bay City deal which aims to create a 5G test hub for digital innovation. Prof Marc Clement, chairman of the Institute of Life Science (ILS), said: "5G is an opportunity to produce resilient, robust bandwidth that is always there for the purpose of healthcare. 'Tailor treatment' "That intelligent dressing uses nano-technology to sense the state of that wound at any one specific time. "It would connect that wound to a 5G infrastructure and that infrastructure through your telephone will also know things about you - where you are, how active you are at any one time. "You combine all of that intelligence so the clinician knows the performance of the specific wound at any specific time and can then tailor the treatment protocol to the individual and wound in question." He added: "Traditional medicine may be where a clinician might see a patient and then prescribe the treatment approach for a month or three months. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionProf Clement explains how a smart bandage would be produced "What the future holds is a world where there's the ability to vary the treatment to the individual, the lifestyle and the pattern of life. "Sometimes we revere doctors so much that we tell them all is well but all of the evidence is there before them in this 5G world, so the clinician and patient can work together to address the challenge." Experts in nano-technology would develop the tiny sensors while 3D printers at ILS would be used to produce the bandages which would bring down the cost. Prof Clement said experts at the Welsh look at here now Wound Innovation Centre are also involved in the project and trials would go through the Arch wellness and innovation project in south west Wales where there is a "honey pot" of one million people to carry out such tests.

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