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How can you shop for clothing that doesn't hurt animals? 

Since its founding in 2011, it has acquired and developed more than 100 properties. Stone, who said that he is going to miss his customers, bought the business from his family in 1969. His father, Jack L. Stone, founded the clothing shop business, J.L. Stone, now at 1231 Broadway, in 1929. The older Stone operated several stores throughout the city, including the one remaining store from 1952 to '56, when he retired. The pawnshop, Cash City, at 1300 Randolph, which Stone also is selling, is closing, too. The Stone family kept the clothing store in Detroit for years, the younger Stone said, because it owned the property and reorganized it to offer what he called "high-style" fashions, dressy and sporty clothes for men and boys.  "We've had some of the great-grandchildren of my first customers come in here," Stone said, proud of the retail concept's longevity. "We now have people who have moved out of state come back to shop here, and I'm really going to miss all that." But, he added, he has decided it was time to retire and let go of the properties.  Next week, he said, the stores will likely start holding going-out-of-business liquidation sales.

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The then Tory leader told his critics exactly what sort of character they were dealing with on the morning of 29 October 2003. "I'm not a quitter," he declared ahead of a confidence vote by his MPs. By 7pm he was gone. The disgraced US president first uttered the phrase in a speech in 1952, when he denied accusations he had abused a political expenses fund, in a groundbreaking televised address. It worked - and he was able to keep his place as Eisenhower's running mate. He reached for it again 22 years later in another televised speech, announcing his resignation as president over the Watergate scandal. "I've never been a quitter," he told the American people, before proving himself wrong. "George is not a quitter. Nobody is going to back him into a corner," Mr Osborne's constituency agent told the Daily Mirror on the Sunday after the EU referendum. Theresa May didn't seem overly concerned about Mr Osborne's proud non-quitter status, however, and promptly fired him as chancellor. He stood down as Tatton MP 10 months after that.

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