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Both thought knitting was cool and it gave them a productive way to spend their free time. Most importantly it was a creative outlet for self-expression, like their hair, their skin, and their clothes. And one girl said she didn’t sew but would love to learn. These girls are the face of the new “sewists” (as sewing enthusiasts prefer to be called), crafters, do-it-yourselfers and makers. They are eager to find creative outlets for self expression. They take pride in what they make and

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Clash of traditional and Western influences: A woman in a chador window-shops with a couple in Western clothes, Tehran, in 1972. History @History

The good news is all that treasure you loved finding at the tip hasn't disappeared - it has just become more organised and abundant. Brisbane City Council has done all the hard work to ensure good things don't end up buried in landfill. When residents make a trip to one of Brisbane's four tips, they are told any item which can be reused, refurbished or find a new home is to be kept aside so it can skip the tip and end up in the council's tip shops. Open every weekend, the tip shops are every collector, renovator

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