Revealing Smart Systems In Evening Dress

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She also wants to reverse what she called a feminist push toward half-naked celebrities on the red carpet. (Singer Nicki Minaj recently lit up social media by wearing one-shouldered top to a Paris Fashion Week event that save a silver pastie exposed her left breast.) American Umma isnt for the traditional. (It is) the middle ground, she said. Early in her faith she wore a hijab, but said she quit as she noticed those in social settings excluding her from conversations and generally seeking distance. I felt like I had a big zit on my head, she said. Clothing that bridges the gap can actually promote Islam she said. It (American Umma) can be an antidote to extremism, Gholar said. Gholar said the line is getting a warm reception. She said she hopes to start selling clothing through her website soon and later into boutique stores. Sacramento designer and former fashion instructor Gerry Simpson said her designs can clearly make a splash something runway fashion strives to do but said the challenge now is finding a market for her line. Its one thing to do fashion for entertainment, but come Monday morning you need a product, said Simpson, who owns a North Sacramento gallery.

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