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Eating and all the things that we take for granted were a huge struggle. I spent most of every day in bed, crying and wanting to be dead. I was absolutely terrible. So frightening and awful." Image copyright Mandy Stevens "The absolutely wonderful nurses on Gardner ward at City & Hackney Centre for Mental Health were amazing," Stevens says. "They would come and see me very regularly throughout the day, spend time with me, encourage and support me, listen to me crying and talking and throwing up a huge amount of emotion. The staff nurses and the healthcare assistants were wonderful, accessible and compassionate 24/7. I am so proud of my profession." Whilst in hospital and after she was over the worst Stevens says she felt a bit like an "undercover cop" as she observed how the ward was run. "Without exception the staff treated all of the patients with dignity and respect." Image copyright Mandy Stevens When asked what she thinks of the state of the NHS right now, Stevens says, "Very difficult for me to answer this question now I can only talk about my particular experience as a patient in an 'Outstanding Trust' - which has been a great experience." "I am, of course, aware that not everyone is as lucky as me to receive this type of care. Unfortunately, mental health services are always seen as the 'Cinderella services' with lower levels of funding and cuts." Analysis by the King's Fund ชุดนอนซีทรูราคาถูก think tank says 40% of the 58 mental health trusts in the UK saw budgets cut in 2015-16. It found six of them had seen budgets cut three years in a row. An NHS spokeswoman told the BBC that mental health services were "wider" than trusts, and care was funded in other ways.