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IKEA Blue Bags Are a Fashion Hat Item | Time.com

Swedish home goods behemoth IKEA is known for their cheap furniture, maze-liked stores, tasty hot dogs , and of course their signature blue, crinkly plastic shopping bags, complete with yellow printing. The bags — which retail for the bargain price of $0.99 — are famously sturdy. They're also having something of a fashion moment; earlier in April, high end luxury brand Balenciaga debuted an electric blue tote bag that takes stylistic cues from the roomy shopper, although that one retails for the rather heftier price of $2,145. And this week, streetwear labels Pleasures and Chinatown Market are offering their own fashion-forward take on the functional item. They've transformed the plastic into a hat, though, and are selling the topper for $38, starting next week. This isn't the first time the IKEA bags have been the source of inspiration for creative types. Back in 2012, a dressmaker even crafted a voluminous gown out of 555 of the cobalt bags. While IKEA was quick to respond to the Balenciaga news with a witty Tweet, it looks like they've yet to decide how to react to this latest use of their product. And with the source material at just $0.99 a pop, it's doubtful that this will be the last time we see the bags transformed into a fashion-forward trend piece.

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