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And as it turns out, targeting the masses has worked. “Celebrities, as a branding tool, appeal more to the mass than luxury,” said Allen Adamson, the New York-based founder of consulting firm BrandSimple. “The further downmarket she goes, the more horsepower her brand potentially has.” The pivot began in late 2010, when Trump started her footwear and clothing businesses. She chose to go after a much-less-glossy group of people, discarding four-digit pricetags in favor of numbers more on par with the broader market. U.S. President Donald Trump’s election last year accelerated that shift. After losing her most glamorous retail partners amid the controversies and boycotts that have marked her father’s tempest-tossed administration, she halted production of the diamond jewelry that was her only remaining fashion business.  Her executives decided to nix the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection in March in order to create a more cohesive brand. Gem-laden necklaces at $10,000 didn’t make a whole lot of sense for a brand that also peddles discount heels at DSW–a low-price shoe warehouse. In its place is a “fashion jewelry” collection sold at Lord & Taylor stores and online. There’s no solid gold or diamonds: Some items are available on sale for as little as $11. Just how far downmarket has Ivanka Trump gone? Bloomberg compiled pricing data from the her brand, and compared it with those of other labels known for work-wear, using three office essentials as illustrations: pumps, tote bags, and sheath dresses.

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