Easy Access Attracts Visitors To The Several Tourist Spots Dotting The State.

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They need to be able to turn to straightforward, reliable help when times are bad," the Tories' 2001 manifesto said. "But that should not become dependence on the state when times are good." 'Big' Media captionDavid Cameron: "I think we're onto a really big idea, a really exciting future for our country" "There is such a thing as society; it's just not the same thing as the state," declared David Cameron in his 2005 victory speech after becoming Conservative leader. Five years later, the idea of a Big Society was a key strand of the Conservatives' 2010 general election manifesto. It involved allowing voluntary groups and charities to run public services, encouraging people to do more volunteering and giving local groups more power to take decisions affecting their area. After becoming PM, Cameron described building the Big Society as his "great passion", hoping "people power" would help keep pubs and museums open and mean more residents getting involved with their communities. But there were reports Conservative candidates found it a hard concept to explain on the doorstep, and the Tories' political opponents said it was simply a way of hiding cuts to local services as the new government reduced public spending. Mentions of the Big Society became less prominent over the course of the Parliament, and the theme featured little in the 2015 general election campaign. Having quit frontline politics after the 2016 EU referendum, Mr Cameron now works with the National Citizen Service, describing the organisation as "the Big Society in action". The so-called shared society, she says, "doesn't just value our individual rights but focuses rather more on the responsibilities we have to one another" and respects "the bonds of family, community, citizenship and strong institutions that we share as a union of people and nations".

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